Sunday, March 2, 2014


Hello Everyone!

I just got my card telling me the date of my release and its August 20th. I am excited to be coming home but I love it here and I have really appreciated my mission.

This week was so amazing! We didn't get to much done because we were doing interviews and going to meetings but we had an amazing experience!

On Saturday we had a meeting with Elder Evans of the 70 who takes care of all the missionaries in the world!!! IT WAS AMAZING! I took so many notes and the funny thing is he didn't say much about missionary work haha, but he explained the importance of the family in the plan of God. My mind was blown. 

He talked about why President Monson changed the age of missionaries...that it wasn't just to have more missionaries. He wanted more temple marriages with both parents being return missionaries, he knew that when young men and woman leave for a mission they come back men and woman of God who are ready to be fathers and mothers...It was really interesting. He said that this generation is a key for the Lord to build his church, and that through us the church will change and grow like it never has before...and that are children and are grandchildren will pave the way for the Jesus Christ! 

He also talked about how the only way to receive eternal life and to return and live with God again in the highest kingdom of glory is through temple marriage and having your family sealed for time and for all eternity. He explained that all missionaries focus just on baptism but in truth is we need to have a vision that the end goal isn't just baptism but to take them to the temple so that they can remain strong in the faith, and so that they can have their family forever!

He talked about so much stuff.

But other than that all is good here in Brazil, the work is progressing and the zone is doing so well! We have four baptisms this weekend so I WAS SO HAPPY FOR THEM! I love them all so much!

We in our area are doing well we have a few people marked for baptism on the 8 of March so we will see how that goes! All is good here in Brazil.

Elder Tyler Hatch

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