Tuesday, February 4, 2014


It is crazy how time is flying, but this is the time that God can really mold me and make me into something even better. Really the mission is an amazing blessing...I can't even begin to think how I would be without it...I has been really changing and more importantly I am changing into the man that God wants me to be. I have given up so much: talking with friend and family everyday, technology, dating, communication with the "world" and I feel like I am the one getting the blessings and a lot more than what I am sacrificing. It is very humbling.

I am tired, the sun beats on me hard. I find myself not sleeping well because of it. But I am happy and content, feeling the Lord's hands each day in my life, giving me strength when I don't have anymore to give. It is really a miracle this time here in Brazil. I love my God, He is great. He is a God of miracles! Always remember that  nothing is too small or too great that the Lord can't do or can't help with! We just need to have confidence that He will help us in the time and place that is right.

This week I was transferred to a place called Sorocaba, Progresso. It's a big town about an hour outside of the Capitol! 

I was called to be a zone leader in the Zone Santana. It's a little bit more pressure but I am up for the challenge! It's going to be great and we are going to have a lot of success! We have three companionships of Elders and three of Sisters! So its good stuff, I haven't met them yet but it will be awesome to meet them!

The new area is really good! HOT AS CAN BE THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is like 100+ and there isn't too much shade so we end up taking a lot of sun! I am using a lot of sunscreen. But the city is really beautiful and we are having a lot of success here! We are going to have a baptism  for a sixty year old lady named Maria Jose! We are really excited about her progress! She has already gone to church about 3 or 4 times! WOOHOO!!!!

My new companion is Elder Gomes, he is from the Interior of Sao Paulo. He has a little over a year under his belt in the mission and I am learning a ton with him! He really teaches with the spirit and it's really cool! He is a great missionary and knows the doctrine of the church extremely well!

The ward is awesome! They are so friendly and outgoing and I was received really well! There is actually a family here that lived in Virginia! That was a fun little home treat for me.
The ward is really excited about missionary work and the stake president wanted us to give a training for all the ward mission leaders! It went really well and I hope that they will use the information that we passed for them! So being a Zone leader is really awesome, I am liking it!

That was basically my week! I am exhausted the weather here is so hot resulting in us not sleeping well. It hasn't rained in like a month here haha. But we have four fans that we use that help us sleep a little better. The house is an apartment called manaus ( haha because its so hot ) its really nice, simple but nice. We did a big cleaning job on it this p-day so it looks a lot better I will send more photos later!


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