Monday, December 30, 2013


     Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope the holidays were great.

I was so happy to hear the your guy's voices and that the computer here let me see you for a small split second!!! It made my Christmas just being able to talk to you all! I was a little bummed we didn't get to see each other on skype from technical difficulties, but the bright side is that we got to talk at least! Hearing your voices made me happy.
Tell everyone in the ward that I love and miss them so much. I hope everyone is doing well.

This area is a lot harder and the mission is getting hard, but your right the Lord knows that I can handle it! I feel like each week I am getting more tired and exhausted, but in return I am recieving more strength and will power to continue serving with all I have! I feel like Ammon sometimes where I just want to boast about how great my God is!!! I am so thankful for all that He has done for me...

This last week was a pretty tough week with the Christmas Holidays but we still had a ton of success!

This weekend we have a family preparing for baptism! Marcio, Jucelina, and Berenice! We went to their house on Friday and talked to them about how they feel about the messages and about baptism and it was a pretty amazing experience! Jucelina who has been a little hesistant told us that she had a dream, she dreamed that she was on a really really long and straight road that seemed to go on for ever, and her family was talking until they got to a bridge, and on one side of the bridge they saw a bus and a bunch of people were getting onto the bus to pass the bridge, but the bridge was really skinny so it barely fit the bus. She said to the bus driver how will the bus pass this skinny bridge, and the bus driver said we all have to just try our best to get across. Then she woke up!

What a cool story! She said that she believed that this was an answer from God and that she needed to get baptized and join the church she felt was right! So I say  that was the big miracle for the week! So the whole family is preparing for this Saturday! WOOHOO.

Christmas was great, after talking to the family we didn't really do too much. The members didn't really invite us to eat with them so we returned home and cooked for ourselves. It was kind of a bummer...but then again I was happy to just be alone in our house just relaxing Christmas day. We didn't have too much success working Christmas day which is really weird...everyone was too busy to hear us, but next week will be better!

On the bright side, we found some new investigators who appear really really interested! We shall see how that all goes. I know that this is the Lord's Church and that God truly blesses His missionaries. When we do all that we can do... all that is in our force...He makes up the rest and helps us succeed!!! 

I know that this is God's church, that God descended the heavens to call a new prophet in our days to restore all the blessings and authority that was in the original Church of God! Christ lives, and I am a representative of Him! I know that He suffered for each of us so that the Plan of Salvation could take hold in our lives so that we can repent and become new people through His atoning sacrifice! I feel like Alma the younger when he said I have been born again! I am a new man in the eyes of God!
 I love you all dearly and my final thought will be this. My Christmas wish for the friends I love would be this:
I hope that those who have not heard of the message of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints would accept the  missionaries and listen to the message! I know that it is true, and that it can bless families, making them eternal. I know it can bring joy beyond what you can imagine. It can bring peace in a world that seems so chaotic and unstable. I love my Savior. I know Him and through this church I have developed a relationship with Him that is priceless. I love you all! I wish you all a  happy new years! Please, if you want a beautiful change for this new year and feel like something is missing, open your heart and mind to the missionaries and the church. It will bless you.

Elder Tyler Hatch

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