Monday, December 30, 2013


Hey Everyone,

Sounds like life is good in the states and that you guys had some fun experiences! I wish I could be home for christmas...but this is the last one that I need to be far away! Send my love for everyone and tell everyone that I wish them a FELIZ NATAL!!!!
Oh and ask Brother Hanson about the Lopez family! I can see if I can find them!
And dont worry about my health, I am just really tired. Presidente is happy that I am still working my very best even with my thyroid problem, but its nothing too serious. I might just do some other tests just to see if it's something else instead of my thyroid, because my thyroid is A-okay! BUT DONT WORRY, if something bad was happening president would tell you :)
BUT I CANT WAIT FOR CHRISTMAS! it will be great to talk to you and everyone else! SO GET EXCITED! 
All this week was really difficult but it was great!
We had three people planned for baptism this weekend but each one fell through..which really bummed me and Elder Burton out, but we are going to continue trying to talk to them to help them continue going to church and learning more so that they can be baptized.
Other than that the week was really great! We had a really cool experience while teaching one of our investigators! So we were talking to three or four people and we were talking about the restoration of the Gospel of Christ... then out of the corner of our eyes we saw two kids listening to our message. So what happened is I continued talking with the three people and Elder Burton went over to talk to this young girl and her brother and their dad! It was a really cool experience and they really loved the message but we didn't have a Book or Mormon to give them, so we marked to come back to talk to them the next day. So we went back the next day but they weren't there. :(  Luckily we had the address for them. So I pulled out our map and looked at it and  it was difficult. I told Elder Burton there is no way we are going to find this road in this mess of roads on the map. So I just felt that we needed to pray and I said Elder Burton lets just say a prayer, and before we could even say the prayer I looked down on the map and there was the road...right in my sights. I was like ELDER HERE IS THE ROAD FREAAAAK!!!! haha so I gave a silent prayer of thanks in my heart for the Lord helping us.
So we started walking to get to the house, but when we got there...the house number didn't exists :( so we just knocked on a random door so that we could ask if they knew the people we talked to. A woman opened the door and looked really happy to see us. So we asked her about the family and she told us she didn't know anyone named that. So we started talking to her, and she told us that she was a member and that she was baptized a few years ago! She was so excited to see us and I think the spirit was really working with her because she got emotional. We marked another day to come see her again!

 WHAT an amazing experience to meet her. God truly knows each and every one of His children..and that He is aware of them, and that he will even cause miracles to help them come back to the true path.That visit touched that womans heart and that experience will always be special to me. God lives and this is His work!
After that amazing experience we had a really fun choir activity with the members of the stake on Sunday! After the church meetings we went to pirituba to sing at one of the shopping centers!!! It was really great and all the missionaries of the zone were there to help! We passed out tons of pamphlets and films of the church and everyone really loved it! So it was a great missionary experience!
WELL! That was my week! It will be interesting to see what will happen this week, if I will be leaving or staying, but I know that God will send me to a place where I am needed and where my service can help one son or daughter of God to return to Him.

Thanks to everyone who is writing me and I hope that my letters bring you peace and knowledge of the truth.
I love you all dearly and cannot wait to see you all again.

Elder Hatch

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