Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Hello Everyone,

This week not to much has happened. The week was pretty slow and a lot of the new people we are teaching are hiding from us! Ha, we had many great laughs watching people try to hide behind doors or having their kids say that they weren't there. This was a little frustrating but you just got to laugh at it. It is really sad for these people because this is going to give them Eternal life to spend with their families whom they love. Not only do I believe it will give them that but this is going to give them the peace they want in their lives. It makes me sad at times because people do not realize the simplicity the church can bring to people's lives.
Besides that, we had a bunch of meetings. One being a zone meeting with President Martins! It was really awesome and he taught us some really interesting things. He is truly an inspired leader, and he has so much knowledge of the gospel its crazy! I am starting to connect more with him. It was kind of hard leaving the other mission with President Pinho to come here but I am starting to love President Martins. Life is better and I am feeling better about being here in Sao Paulo North.
This Saturday was the first Stake conference with the missionaries! Which was really cool! Saturday night they all just talked about missionary work...but it was really different because they did a lot more practices, and trainings so it was more hands on then just us sitting there all night and just listening to talk after talk after talk! So it was fun getting the members all excited about missionary work!
Besides that...Life is good here! Elder Burton is a great elder and is helping me out so much, the area is awesome and the members are having more and more confidence with us! So the work is progressing.
Guitar is coming well too :) I have learned a bunch of new songs, and it's so fun!  Playing a guitar is definitely going to be something I continue after the mission. It brings me much joy and I am glad I am picking it up.
Well, I miss you guys and hope everything is going well.

Love Elder Tyler Hatch

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