Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I am doing really well and I am happy and loving life here in Brazil!

We are now having more success because we have been gaining the trust of the members and they are giving us more and more of their friends to teach! So the work is really progressing here!President Hatch is really right haha when you get past your one year mark they really do give you a lot more responsibility which is a little more stressful but its also good because I have more chances to go and serve other missionaries!

But this week was a little rough, but we still had a ton of success! It was a fun time and I am loving it here in Fregusia! I hope I can stay here for Christmas.

This last week was pretty good. Nothing to special happened but we did teach a really good lesson with some new investigators we have found!

So like I said last week we found a less active in the church that moved recently into the area from a different part of Brazil. He has been passing some difficult times with the separation of his wife and not seeing his family that often so he was really happy that we found him! His name is Gil and he use to be a MTC instructor and was married in the temple. He now lives alone which is sad...but he has a really good heart and we are helping him come back! 

This last week we taught his three friends. They are all amazing! We taught them about the plan of salvation and how that after this life if we do all that we can, if we are baptized in Christ's church and if we endure until the end then we can see all of our loved ones again and we can live with them forever! One of the friends just started crying and she told us that just a few months ago her mother had passed away and that she has been having a hard time getting past the pain that she has been holding. It was amazing to feel the spirit in the room comforting us and confirming that really God does have a plan for us and that He truly loves all his sons and daughters. We invited them all to church and they said they would like to come.

But this Sunday was great because we had the primary concert! Awww they are so cute! But it was great because we had plenty of investigators there and they all loved it! So it was a good week!

I know that this is the church of God on the earth. That God does know us, our pains and difficulties! He truly loves us and He wants us all to remember that we are sons and daughters of Him! Never forget that. I know that this is truly the church of God...and that miracles still do exists!

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