Tuesday, October 15, 2013


We are having a lot of success finding new investigators and helping people progress! We found 20 new people to teach this week and I hope we can keep having success like this!!!
We are teaching about 30 to 35 lessons every week! So we are working out butts off to help everyone get to church.
The ward is supportive and helpful. I love them all so much. My companion is a great elder, he is really new but he is mastering the language really fast! I am doing my very best to help him learn as fast as possible so that he can be a better instrument in the Lords hands!
The district is doing really well! The Elders in Brasilandia are baptizing everyone that I taught which is really good! Just kind bummed I couldn't be the one baptizing them but its good that it is happening so I am really happy :) So we are having a lot of success!
This week was a really great week!
Besides that awesome experience we are having so much success. We are find so many elect people of the Lord and the members are helping us out so much! They are getting excited about the work and are helping more and more! Mauricio my MTC instructor is our ward mission leader and he told us that they are making plans to get over 100 references for us and do activities every month to help members get people to church! SO we will start these programs with them this upcoming month! its going to be amazing! The work is really progressing here, and we should have a baptism this next week! WOOHOO
So life is good...I am happy and healthy...I am tired but that's just because we work so hard! I know that God loves us and He is always worried about us, and when we feel like we wanna quit or give up and when we have gone and done all we can...He comes down and lifts us, He gives us that extra force we need to push on...I love my God!

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