Monday, October 7, 2013


Hey Everyone!
Life here in BRASIL IS GREAT!
This week we had a lot of success and we also got to rest and just enjoy conference! I absolutely loved conference and it was filled with tons of inspiring messages!
My life is good, our district is one of the hardest working districts in the zone and we are having a lot of success and baptisms!!! SO I hope it continues! The two other Elders in our district are called Elder Gardella from Chile and Elder Hossenian from Japan! SO we are a cool district :)
Besides that Elder Burton my son is doing really well! He is already speaking portuguese pretty good! He is doing way better then me when I got to Brazil hahaha! Love that kid!
This week was a great week! We are working our butts off to find people we can help. There are days when we just work and work and work and nothing happens... but then we get a call from a member that says they have a family for us to teach! That happened this week. I was pretty tired and bummed out about the lack of people we were finding so I was praying a ton for God to lead us to people who can be ready. And at about 10 am we were studying and we received a phone call from a member saying, "Hey I have a family here that needs to be taught...can you get over here in 30min?" WE RAN THERE THROUGH THE RAIN HAHA.
The family was passing through a tough time with the death of the father! We taught about the Plan of Salvation and they loved the lesson and started reading the Book of Mormon. We marked them for baptism this month! GOD TRULY DOES HEAR OUR PRAYERS! He knows our hearts,our desires,our pains, our afflictions, and He will send aid. When the time is right for us we can receive that aid... It was a huge miracle for me and has helped me continue on.

So this week was a great week! The district is working super hard, we are baptizing a ton, and we are shaping peoples lives to be better! I am happy and loving training people! So all is well!
Love you!
Elder Tyler Hatch

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