Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I hope that Leo and Peter are doing well! Send me some info about them 
everyone in a while :)
This week was pretty hot and sweaty but also pretty long. We are having a lot of success finding people to teach and getting them to church...we are just lacking some water :) haha but that should change soon! We have a really great zone leader now that gets everyone really excited about missionary work! So the zone is going to do some great things and miracles are going to happen!
Today we went to the temple and got home super late so that means no p-day. So, honestly I am dying right now with 0 energy... but its fine. I just got to pray for the strength to get through this next week.

I love the temple so much...but it was hard to focus being so exhausted, but
I enjoyed it nonetheless!

This last week was really tiring and also really rewarding! We had a 
bunch of people at church this week and they all really loved it! So,  Elder Burton and I were really happy!
Oh by the way we are going to stay one more transfer here in Fregusia!!! WOOHOO, I love it here the ward is so great!

Anyways, We are hoping to have six baptisms this weekend! So pray a lot for them that God can help them feel the spirit and the desire to be baptized!
Sorry this letter is short but it is getting late. I wish we had more time to talk...but sadly its just an hour still! Know that I love you and the family so much! I will try to send some more videos of me playing church songs on the guitar for you guys! :)

I know that this is Gods church. I know that Christ is our  Savior...and I know that He is here for us, to strengthen us when we are weak, when we are sad, and when we are discouraged. He is always there to lift us up, brush us off and get us going again. I have seen this time and time again on my mission...when we are tired when no one is accepting us, He always shows us the way to the one who is ready to hear the message! 
Always remember Him...if your mind is always thinking of Him we will make the right choices and we will become more like Him in our lives!
Love you all,

Elder Hatch

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