Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Hello Everyone!
Thank you for the great packages! I loved all the stuff that was in them! I have eaten a ton of the chocolate and I loved the angry bird star wars treat! 
I love and miss you all so much...I wish I had more time to respond to your emails but I don't have to much time :( But I do read everything! Its true many people are getting home sick...me included...I am hitting the one year mark and the end is coming soon...time is flying. But don't worry I am still working a ton, its just that after a while you just get so mentally tired and physically to that you just want to take a break, but then I remember a talk by President Eyring that talks about how when he gets tired and that when he thinks that he deserves rest, he remembers the example of the Savior...He served all his life and even when He suffered and died for us, we all think that He deserved a break...but He did the opposite, He began teaching to the spirits...so this helps me so much.

Here is a little about how my week was! It was a great week filled with BAPTISMS :) WOO HOOO HAHAHA 

This week was really great! We had another baptism! Rui was baptized! His son who is a new member was able to baptize him which was really cool! I sent some new photos for you guys! We are still taking care of the two areas and we are hoping that the next transfer we will get another pair of missionaries to help us out! We have another baptism planned for this upcoming saturday. Izabel (a less active), Christianne, Pedro and Anninha(little Annie). The mom is a less active and is returning to church and wants her children to be baptized so we are teaching all of them again and are preparing them for baptism! WOO HOO the Lord is helping us so much in his work and is blessing us so much!

So life is good! I am really happy. I am a little tired and discouraged at times, but when I see people accepting the gospel I feel great and excited again. I miss you all so much!

Elder Hatch

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