Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Hi Everyone!
Mom and Dad...I hope that some day you guys can come here to visit and get to know the families that I got to help! Some of the areas are a little rough...but I dont think it will be a problem! I love Brazil so we are def going to return to visit here! haha
Time is flying now...months are appearing as weeks and its already a new transfer...crazy huh. But life is good and I am really happy here!
Sounds like dad is doing well also! I am glad that he is returning back to health! So the whole family is happy healthy and I am happy :) Soon we will all be reunited :))))
Here is how my week was below! Enjoy! Love and miss you so very much!

This week was a pretty solid week, we worked are butts off and had a little success...we are starting to work in a neighborhood that is much closer to the chapel so that our investigaotrs dont need to use the bus or aks for a ride. So we dont have many invesitgators...but we are finding new people. One is called Napoleon hahaha he is this crazy old guy that has all this knowledge about the weirdest things haha, and so he always talks about evolution with us and things like that. But him and his family are reading the Book of Mormon and are liking all the lessons so far! Antonio is still going great and strong, we found out the they didnt divorce but just had a separation of the goods that they had, so it will be a lot easier to anul the decision then to have to remarry! So thank goodness the Lord is helping us! So we will take them to the office to get that all worked out!

Besides that we had another baptism! This time was a family of a less active named Izabel! She has been less active for a really long time and is now returning to the church! We bpatized her two children Pedro and Anninha :) So it was a fun baptism! Anniha gave me a huge hug! haha. There were lots of members there also supporting the family at the baptism! And we are hoping that next week we will baptize christiannie the oldest daughter who has 15 years! She is reading the Book of Mormon and is looking for an answer! So we wil lsee how all this goes the next week!

This week is transfers so we will see what happens with all of that! Should be exciting! We already know that Elder Albuquerque will be leaving this transfer so I will be gettting a new companion or maybe I will be leaving also. I will fill you in this next week!

Besides that life is good! I got the packages you sent which made me really happy! I have already eaten all the Dove Chocolate, the M&Ms and the reese and snickers hahahaha! I love the Honey Bager shirt and the sign thing with the brasil flag with the angel Moroni! So thank you!

I am happy, I like my companion...the ward is a little anti social but they still help us and feed us well! So life is good.
Love you guys and talk to you soon

Elder Hatch 

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