Saturday, August 17, 2013


How are things! I hope you are doing well! I got a few of your letters yesterday so I was excited...I really need to improve on writing you letters and such so I will try to write one a week during P-day because I don't have much else to do on P-day anyways except sleep haha! This week has been pretty fast, and I have been trying my best to learn the area, meet the members and to keep track off all the investigators! The work is going really well and I love it here! I will keep an eye out for the packages...and I will try to think of somethings that I need...but honestly I am fine :

Not to much happened this week, its a lot of trying to learn the area and trying to get to know all the members and investigators. So I am really pushing my body, and mind to the limit.

We did have one really cool experience this week with a family we have been teaching. So we had the impression that we should talk to them about the law of Chastity because they are married and live together. SO we went there, taught them the lesson and the importance of marriage, then asked if they had any questions or wanted to say anything. Then Anderson the husband said that just yesterday they were talking about their relationship and what they should do...should they get married should they split or etc. So they knelt down and prayed together as a family to receive an answer from God, and God used us as the response. He said that we were the answer to their prayer and that now they wanted to get married so that they could be baptized! So we invited them to talk about a date them we could help them prepare for baptism and for marriage! IT WAS SUPER COOL! It was also really spiritual...God used us to respond to one of his sons questions...and we were able and prepared spiritually to listen to the spirit and to teach what they needed at that exact moment!

So that was the amazing story of the week. Life here in Brasilandia is amazing. I love it here, the people are so receptive, and the members here oh how I love them! So its been a really easy transfer to a new area!

Well, sorry I don't have so much time to talk to you...I wish we had more then an hour...but we will have to make due with the time we have. It is becoming a lot I don't worry to much about heating the house haha, and I will keep my head 360 and pay attention to my surroundings. This area is a little rough...but the people respect us, and don't mess with us which is good. But know that we are fine here :)
Love you all lots! Thanks for all you have done for me!
Until next time
Elder Hatch

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