Saturday, July 6, 2013


It has been a pretty crazy week! We had to travel so much for meetings and what not to get everything ready for the new mission! President visited us this weekend and told our zone that we are going to Sao Paulo Norte, so I was bummed that I wont see Stuart...but it will still be a great experience! We don't have that much to report on the week, because it was just a lot of trips to other cities, but it was a good week for us. Despite losing 3 or 4 days of work, we still had really good numbers! And we had two people in the church this weekend with us!

Honestly it was a miracle, Maria Jose and Pedro arrived at church...even though she has a really bad leg, she made her way to church so that she could learn more, and feel the spirit that much more! It was an awesome experience, and I was so happy! It was a good meeting and so I hope that they enjoyed it and felt the spirit!

It was really sad to see President Pinho, leave...He was an awesome president and all of us will miss him in Sao Paulo Norte, but its a new experience and new places to visit!  

I accept to have a fun birthday dinner with you and the family when I get back! The package will be really late, because it's going to be sent to the mission that I was from to the mission office that we will be going to now, so I think I will probably get in august because I am way in the interior of Sao Paulo...SO I guess something to look forward too... 

I miss you all so much, and love you even more! In two more weeks I will have 10 months on my mission...Time is flying here in Brazil, and I am loving every second!

Keep me in your prayers, because you are allways in mine! Tell everyone thank you for the birthday wishes, and send them my love and a hug!


Love, Elder Tyler Hatch
This is my new address

Address your correspondence to: Brazil Sao Paulo North Mission Rua Dr. Rui Batista Pereira, 165
São Paulo, SP, Brazil

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