Saturday, August 17, 2013



Sounds like everyone had a great week! I wish I was there! Sounds like the whole family is doing well! Tell Cyd and Spencer congrats for graduating! That's so exciting! Tell Jessie congrats for me! Tell the whole family hey!

I haven't gotten my package yet...which is a bummer but I am still waiting! They have to send it to the new mission office. I just hope the missionaries are honest and don't take it and open it just because there isn't a elder hatch in the Sao Paulo west mission...I would get bummed...but I think its just because the whole mission system is getting changed with all the new missions so It will get to me at some point...maybe NATAL haha Christmas! 

This week a huge miracle happened and it was a huge answer to my prayers for a long time! So this last week we went past Marcias house to talk to her and her family, and to help them continue going to church and such since she couldn't get baptized because she isn't married and also because her partner doesn't want to live the gospel and so doesn't want to make the necessary changes in his life to follow Christ.

So we walked up to the house, they let us in like normal, we entered the house, and it was oddly tired...I looked around and Franca, Marcias partner, wasn't there. So I asked where he was, where was the family? And Marcia told me that last night Franca came home and was a little drunk, and he did some not really cool things and abused his family...So the day after that they passed by the police station and the police came with them to their home and kicked Franca out of the house, and told him if he returned then he would be going to jail for quite a while.

I was really happy to hear this. Honestly they have been suffering so much abuse by him, and he was a really negative part of their lives. It was weird when I came into the house, cause it actually felt peaceful in the home...unlike other times. So she was very excited and said to when can I be baptized! So we marked her for this Saturday! Honestly all of this was a miracle from God, and he prepared a way for her and her family to have a better life! SO I am really excited for this weekend! All the hard work paid off! She is finally getting baptized, and their family will be complete!

That was the big thing that happened this week! We also have been helping the members do more missionary work, and they are getting more excited and into the work. So things are improving. We are also helping some of the members prepare to go into the temple for the first time! Which will be an awesome experience for all of them! Sadly we can go...but its will be good for them to have the experience. Its a big sacrifice for them to go to the temple...but they will receive so many more blessings!
That's all for now! Love and miss you all!
Elder Hatch 

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