Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Tell everyone that I love and miss them! Sounds like a lot is happening. But I will keep and eye out for the shoes are starting to die, but its normal. I think They have at least 2 or 3 more months in them. 
Life is good here though and time is flying by...wish we had more time to talk and send emails...but here is how my week was! Sorry I didn't send an email yesterday...but we had a normal day... and went to the temple today!!!!

Time is flying! I am almost there at the one year mark! This last week I have never been so stressed on my mission, and so tired. We worked until we had nothing left. Like I told you last week I am now a district leader of three areas...but me and my companion are taking care of two areas...just us two literally. Brasilandia and Fregusia. So we work in two areas, travel two areas, and work with two different its lot of work! Luckily I have a great companion and he is helping a lot with the work load! 

This last week was alright...nothing to crazy happened. Just a lot of people trying to speak English with me which was really funny! He was talking about how the law in Brazil was S...poop hahaha and how in the USA they say stop and people stop...but if they don't...they kill you! So misunderstood, it was pretty funny to listen to him talk English.

Today we went to the temple...which was so great! This is why I didn't send a email yesterday! But it was amazing! I brought my blessing with me and read it in the Celestial room and gained some interesting revelations! OH and also they opened a desert books here in Brazil! BUT ITS SUPER EXPENSIVE! But they have quads in Portuguese so the next time I go there I will buy a really nice set of scriptures :) And some other cool stuff of the church!

But besides that not much is happening here! Life is good, lots of work, and trying to catch enough sleep to get going the next day! All the members help a lot, and the work is going! We have a ton of investigators going to church and progressing!
Elder Hatch

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  1. Oh Elder Hatch! So good to hear from you and how well things are progressing for you! Glad to hear you are hard at work serving the Lord. Bless you! Take good care and remember, Return with Honor! :) Love, Sister Caswell