Thursday, May 30, 2013


Como esta! Eu senti faltar de voce e mai muito!!! Eu espero que voces sao muito bom, e muit feliz!
This week was pretty great! Not much happened but the end of the week we had a baptism!!! We had the chance to baptize a 17 year old named juninho!!! It was a pretty awesome experience and his family was really excited for this day. Most of his family are less actives so they are returning back to the church through his example so it was really cool! We are helping so many people here! Joao baptista wasn't baptized this week...but he marked this Saturday and he is really excited. So this weekend we have another baptism!!! The work is coming, its hard because are group of teaching is really small and its difficult to find people but we don't let that bother us...we are continuing and working with all of our heart and all of our strength...I sleep really well hahahaha. I will be staying another transfer here in jardim capela with Elder Ferriera! So I am excited to have another transfer with him! We are going to change some plans and improve how we teach and do contacts so that we can be the very best we can be!
Thank you to brother and sister Butz for the nice package! The package was delicious with lots of yummy snack foods and new socks :) Tell them thank you and that I appreciated that comfort from home.

I am staying here in Jardim Capela with Elder Ferriera for another transfer so this will be great! I think all of our district is staying but you never know with transfers. .
Tell everyone I love them!
Are you excited for this GC! I know I am! I love reading the conference talks! So it will be good to hear some new ones!!
Well everything is happy and good here, it's crazy to think that today I am at my 6 months mark! Time is flying by and the work here is getting better and better! The language is coming more and more! And I actually feel like a missionary now! I love and miss you all so much, and I cant wait for the opportunity to talk with you and dad this mothers day! Know that I think of you often and I wish that I could talk to you more! Love you so much!!!

Elder Hatch

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