Saturday, February 9, 2013


This week was pretty difficult.  Many of our meetings with investigators fell through so we have had to search for new people to teach.  We are finding success slowly but surely!

Not much happened this week - had two divisions with other missionaries and taught a lot of lessons. 

The best day of the week was Sunday!  So much happened, it was awesome!  Giu and Aleandra, the first people we baptized, needed to have their kids named and blessed.  I was asked to give a name and a blessing to their second youngest daughter Pamela who is 2 or 3 years old!  It was kind of scary being in front of the whole ward, but I got all the wording down in Portuguese and gave a great blessing.  Later during the Elders quorum meeting, Giu asked me if I would confirm the Aaronic Priesthood on him.  I was honored to do so.  Guided by the spirit, I gave a pretty powerful blessing.  I know it was the spirit because honestly I had no idea what to say, let alone in Portuguese!  Later in the day, we attended a baptism for Igor and Jessica.  Igor is a nephew of our ward mission leader.  He is a great kid!  Jessica is the oldest daughter of Aleandra and Giu!  The baptism was terrific.  Sunday was just full of spiritual experiences.

I hope you are doing well.  I pray for our family every single day.  I love and miss you.  Tell everyone I love and miss them!  WRITE, WRITE, WRITE! :)  I LOVE LETTERS hahahaha.

Honestly, I don’t need much ... just food and snacks!  Maybe you could send me the book Doctrines of Salvation?  I am glad that the youth loved the letters, it wasn’t much but it was the best I can do!  I miss them all so much.  When I come back, I hope I get a church calling to work with the youth!

All is well here in Brazil.  I love and miss you so very much.  Give my love to dad, Cyd and Spencer and the whole ward!  Let them know that I miss them too and I am thankful for the prayers and the many letters!  Tell brother Hart he is the man, and I love him to death and that all his letters and experiences have helped me so much!

Every day I get closer to God.  Every day I am better with the language.

Love you mom,

Your son Elder Hatch

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