Monday, January 21, 2013


Oh I forgot to tell you all! I had this amazing pizza called Donatellos like the ninja turtle!!!! HA! It is about an inch thick with sausage and whatever else! And it has crust about an inch and a half with all chocolate in the inside!!! YUM

I love getting letters from you all, they always brighten my day so much!
It feels like forever since the MTC, I miss it so much and all the friends I made there! Luckily a couple of them live in Virginia!!! WOOHOO

My feet are fine, I haven't had any problems yet, I work really hard to keep them dry and healthy! I wash them all really well when I shower and my shoes are pretty water proof so they stay dry, I have 2 things of gold bond so that's fine there. I haven't gotten a belt yet, but I think I should be fine with the ones I have.

Thank you to everyone for this kindness and care packages.  

I am also really excited because we get to go to the temple tomorrow. It will be a GREAT trip.

This week was a long week, we worked really hard, and had many many divisions.  It was a good week, we had 15 new investigators and we completed almost all of our goals! So that's awesome. WE have 9 people marked for baptism so the work is going great here! The language is coming and me and my companion are working so much more unified which is great! So life is great!

I love and miss you all so much!

Your son, Elder Hatch

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