Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Sounds like a lot has happened! This week was great and transfers was awesome I have received a hard working and really cool companion so we will see how this goes :)  
WE can't play sports on PDAY a new mission rule...kind of annoying but it is a rule. I think its because of injuries. I have received all the packages you have sent me! Thank you so much! I loved all of it! Especially the fruit loops! I MISS EVERYONE SO MUCH!!! GIVE THEM ALL MY LOVE! I cant wait to see them all again, but its good that I am here serving the Lord...its honestly the best thing I could be doing.
So this week was great!

     On Tuesday we had a normal p-day with not much happening. I did teach a really amazing lesson that was totally guided by the spirit. SO me and Elder Juliatti were teaching Joao Batista, and we had planned to teach about the sabbath day. But when we were talking to him he was having a really rough time and he was getting really depressed because he broke his ankle in a motor cycle accident and he couldn't work. So I took our my scriptures and read one of my favorite scriptures for him, that talks about how we all have trials of our faith and if we endure it well and faithful we will receive the comfort and the blessings we need! I told him that when we read the scriptures we can become even better and feel the spirit even stronger. He said that the really bad week he had he didn't read the scriptures so that's why he had a bad week. So I challenged him to read the scriptures everyday and pray about it to so that he could receive the spirit

This last week was amazing, he has been reading and praying everyday and his week was so much better and he seemed so much happier! It was such an amazing experience hearing him talk about his growing testimony of the book of Mormon. He is so excited for is his baptisms 2nd of March! And he is helping all his family learn more about the gospel too! He is awesome, he went to church this Sunday also so he is progressing so fast! i love that guy!!!

Wednesday we had transfers. Elder Juliatti was transferred and I have a new companion Elder Farreihera! He is awesome and I love the guy so much! So I am extremely happy with my new companion, he is a great missionary and loves to work which is good because I like to work a ton too! So this week we have been working in a lot of new areas that many missionaries don't work because its so far away! So we have been working with a ton of members and Nata who is a youth who is preparing for his mission! we are finding so many people and the work is growing again in these new areas! 

It was really cool we had an experience where we were knocking on doors to find new investigators in Cera Jerra. And I walked past this house and felt that I need to knock on the next door around the corner. So I did just that and we found an amazing family who has gone to church who have learned all the lessons but the only thing keeping them from going to church was that the missionaries stopped coming to there house! It was awesome because they were so excited to see us and they kept telling us that there entire family loves the church and the missionaries so much! SO we gave a little lesson and they loved lesson so much!!! They told me its is so strange because the last missionaries who knocked on our door knocked on that very door too (because they had two doors) and they also read that exact same scripture. I told them that it wasn't coincidence and that God wanted them to hear this message again! They said come back so we will this week! 

17th I had a great Sunday! We had so many investigators in the church! I think that we had five investigators and a bunch of people we didn't know! SO IT WAS AWESOME! I was so happy! After that we went to a new area called Sao Pedro! We had a division with Nata again and the member who lives next door to us Silas! We were  driving through the town in his car to get to Sao Pedro and I just felt this amazing peace...and a thought popped into my head...I am going to miss this when my two years are up. I just felt so happy to be here serving. I finally feel like a missionary. All of my will and my desire is in it now and I feel I am changing the lives of so many people here! After that we made it to Sao Pedro and we split up and talked to a couple less actives and me and Nata knocked on doors. He was so excited to help its was awesome. We had an amazing experience and I am sure nata will never forget it! We were walking down a street and I felt the impression to walk down this other street so I did. And we met a man that his whole family was members and that he loved the religion so much. We talked to him for 30-40min about the church and he said that he wanted to receive lessons and go to church! Nata was so excited after he said to me in English THAT WAS FREAKING AWESOME!  I am so happy to be working with him because I am helping him prepare even more for his mission and showing him how amazing the work is even before he leaves!!

Life is good here! I am happy, happier then I have ever been honestly! I miss everyone so much but time is flying by so fast and soon I will be home. I want to make the most of every minute here!!!!

Love and miss you so much

Elder Tyler Hatch

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