Monday, December 3, 2012


This week was much better!
This week was an up and down roller coaster of emotions hahaha. I love the ward I am serving in! They are all extremely kind and helpful and are willing to help the missionaries out in anyway possible! I was asked to bear my testimony the first week, and it was pretty simple but powerful. We had 7 investigators with us at  church so that was awesome! After we had a delicious meal at a members house! It was pretty dang good, some kind of meat casserole kinda thing. Not much happened this week, just a lot of lessons, are investigators are really keeping commitments very well but there are a few that are progressing very well!  On Nov.28th I gave my first blessing in Portuguese, one of the members we were having lunch with asked for one because he was sick so I gave the blessing, it was pretty simple and I think I said punch this sickness hahahaha I meant fight  but oh well, he was thankful and I saw him at church and he seemed healthy :). We have about 6 people preparing for baptisms on the 15 of December! SO that's really exciting, I am hoping for more :) We have another few planned for the 22nd also so The work is progressing here and the people are extremely receptive to the gospel.
DEC 1: was a crazy day hahaha So we went proselyting for a couple of hours and Elder Juliatti needed a phone card to call our investigators so we went back and grabbed it and he also grabbed his umbrella but I didn't have one...So we walked over to an inactive members house for a message and it started pouring rain! I prayed, Heavenly Father please keep me dry hahahaha, and when we got to the inactive members house they let me barrow a umbrella haha what a blessing huh! The streets were  over flowing with water hahaha! I was soaked in like 10min. The alley was like a river hahahahaha! It was hilarious I was laughing the whole time. The whole time I was like I hope my shoes can withstand the punishment of Brazil for 2 years hahahaha.
DEC:2 Today was fast and testimony meeting! Loved it! I got to bear my testimony again! This time I had more time and I tried to bear a better testimony, I bore my testimony on the importance of missionary work, and on the book of Mormon and the prophet Joseph Smith! I felt the spirit pretty strongly when I bore my testimony and many members came up to me and thanked me for my testimony, one member who knows English passed me a card that said thank you for your testimony, I understood. That made me feel so great!  After church we had a delicious amoco (lunch) at a members house, some kind of spicy chicken, pork, beans,rice, potatoes! YUM! But the best part was that there was a return missionary that knew English! It was so nice to be able to take a break from Portuguese and actually be able to have a normal conversation with someone else and actually laugh because you understand the joke hahahaha. After that we met up with some youth from the ward and taught a few other lessons. IT WAS GREAT!!! I was able to have really basic conversations with them and we were laughing and they were helping me so much!
I am starting my 3rd week in the field, my second week was difficult but at the same time so rewarding. I am getting  Portuguese and I know its because I am speaking as much as possible regardless of messing up. When I do my very best, God will do the rest. I have a goal to learn Portuguese in 2 months, I think I can do it with Gods help!

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