Monday, November 26, 2012


It’s me from the mission field. Everything is fine and I am safe and sound. I have a Brazilian trainer named atuijullo or something like that I can’t spell it haha.  I don’t mind the area, its poor but the people are very receptive to the gospel. First lesson we usually talk about baptism and ask them to pray about it and after if they receive an answer if they will be baptized, and they usually say yes! I am getting better and better with the language every day, I still have rough times but I am improving.
 But it is nothing I can’t handle. Our home is very plain and humble but I don’t mind. My first day we taught two lessons and I got to bear my testimony for both so I am happy that he is including me. It is very frustrating I can hardly understand anyone and I feel like my whole MTC experience wasn’t very helpful, I hope this doesn’t last forever, I am trying to talk as much as possible but its difficult. I feel like everyone is laughing at me but they probably aren’t. It is just hard...I am a little discouraged but I am still trying my very best. I don’t know when I can send pictures of my house and the area but we will see. Before we went to the field we got to hangout with President Pinon and eat at his house. He has a beautiful place and he is very kind and helpful. He is great, he interviewed me for a little bit and asked why I was here and I told him I want to bring the happiness I have found from the gospel for others. He said he felt the spirit really strong so I am excited. He promised that if I talked and spoke as much as possible then in 2 more months I would have he language...I hope that’s true. I really want to talk but I cant...I cant understand anyone...We will see how it goes. Keep me in your prayers please I am going to need it. I got all the letters and packages so no worry there. I think we may have a couple baptisms next week but honestly I have no idea hahha…

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  1. Haha that's so cute and yet tough too! Everyone I know who went to brazil had a tough time with the language! He'll get it and forget that he struggled :)