Monday, December 10, 2012


I am not 100% sure what we are doing for Christmas, President Pinon told us that we have Christmas off, so Christmas is PDAY so we are having a get together and I think we may be able to skype, but I am not 100% sure, maybe just call. If you want to you can call the mission home cause they told us all in Portuguese so I didn't understand much. Has it really been four it doesn't really feel like 4months, but it does feel like a really long time. 
THE WARD IS GREAT! I love them, and the water here is actually fine. I have been drinking out of the tap all the time and I haven't gotten sick, most places have water purifiers so I am fine with water :) The members feed us very well. We have almoƧo, or lunch with members every single day basically! So I am well fed, luckily are mission is very hilly so I am loosing a lot of weight at the same time.  I am going to have power thighs and calves when I come back. Ah I am glad that the ward is thinking about me...I miss then all. Tell Bro.Loback thank you for his prayers, and tell all the kidlums l love and miss them so much! I wrote them all a little letter, but I haven't really had the chance to send it yet, so patience. I miss the ward so much and I miss you guys too, but things here are getting better.

This week was interesting and way better then the last week.
Dec.2 Was fast Sunday and I had the opportunity to share my testimony again, this time for a little longer then last time, it went really well and I felt the spirit very strong; A lot of the members thanked me for my testimony so I was happy that they could understand. We then went over to a members house and had a delicious chicken dinner and it was great because I made a new friend, a return missionary named Chiago who speaks really good English! It was really nice just to take a break in English and just talk and joke with someone! We are great friends and he sometimes helps us with investigators. After that we went to an investigators house with some youth and It was fun just talking with them, it was simple but they understood and it encouraged me so much!

Dec.4th Today was a crazy day. We had a district meeting which was great and I got to practice my Portuguese with the other missionaries, President Pinon shared a little message with us and brought our packages from the mission home! WOOHOO I got one package from you and a letter from Emily :) Thank you. The crazy part of the day was we were walking to an appointment when we walked by this man standing by a bus stop blood all over his shirt and was bleeding really bad from his chin, he was totally out of it and I think a little mental, but we stopped and tried to stop the bleeding but it wouldn't stop, so we were with him for 2 hours and I had to talk to him while elder Juliatti called an ambulance. So I talked to this crazy guy for two hours while trying to stop the bleeding so weird. The ambulance never showed up so we ended up taking him to the hospital ourselves haha, crazy crazy, weirdest experience so far on my mission. I couldn't understand much and almost all of it Elder Juliatti couldn't understand either. After that we went home, ordered pizza, relaxed and went to bed. It was sad though because people would just walk by him, kind like the good Samaritan no one wanted to help him, but we stopped and helped a son of God. It was kind of a cool experience.

DEC.5 Today was the first splits with other missionaries, It was great because I got to go with another American missionary. I really liked teaching with him because he used simple vocab and I could understand when he spoke. I felt like I was actually part of the lesson! TWO GRINGOS HA! We marked 3 people for baptism it was awesome. Their house is so much nicer tiled bath room and like 4 rooms, kitchen table and sofasso sheikie (fancy) We had pizza again. I had a cool dream that you all were in Brazil with me, you dad cyd and spencer! MAYBE it was a vision of the future! I hope so :)

That was basically my week :) my Portuguese is so much better, I am beginning to understand more and more and can speak more and more. I am having conversations with members and youth, and sometimes investigators. So things are coming slowly but surely and I don't have any doubts that I will get this language in 1 or 2 more months. Give everyone my love and Tell them I miss them so much, WRITE WRITE WRITE :) I love letters!

I pray for you all every night

Love Elder Tyler Hatch

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