Monday, January 21, 2013



Hey guys,

Sounds like life is going well in the USA. Yes this week was great, we taught so many lessons, about 30 plus with 15 new investigators and 9 people preparing for baptism! So this week was a good week, we did 120 contacts so we worked are butts off and we have received many blessings! I had a cool spiritual experience yesterday at church, our newly baptized members weren't at church for the confirmation so I had to call them, but we didn't have their phone number in the cell phone. So I had to look through the list of recent calls, I scrolled and scrolled and then I saw a number that just felt right. I called it and no one answered, I called it again and the answered it and told me they were coming to church! it was a cool experience on how the spirit guides us! Yes it rains a ton here! I have a decent umbrella so that is keeping me dry haha, and my clothes are holding up great, today I might buy some bleach to clean my shirts, so that will be a fun experience. What movie did you guys see? And that's awesome! Sounds like they had some good fights this weekend! I talk with some of the youth about UFC they love Anderson Silva so much.

It feels great to be a missionary, I feel so more in-tuned with the spirit! It was the best day ever to baptize aleandra and Giu! Next week we are going to baptize their daughter Jessica! SO EXCITED! The work is progressing amazingly and the members are helping us so much, I love them all so much!

I love my companion, he is a great guy, he is a little strange but then I realize that is just in his culture and that its different from where I live. So it is all putting it into perspective and loving him regardless of difference. SO all is good with my companion, we are working so well together and we are a lot more united when we teach, its awesome the spirit is definitely with us when we teach.

The language is coming incredibly fast, I am learning more and more every day and everyone including investigators are helping me hahaha. So I am confident with myself and the language and I know that I will be fluent very soon :) Heavenly Father is blessing me and helping so much!

Thank you for the prayers, I need them, and know that I am praying for all of you too! I love and miss you so much!

Love your son,

Elder Tyler Hatch

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