Tuesday, October 16, 2012



 P-day is going great so far! I hope you guys go those pictures I sent! I will send some more today :)

This week was pretty uneventful so it will be a shorter email then usual.

This week has been pretty good. We have had to teach a lot of lessons every day so are teaching skills have definitely improved. We are beginning to understand more and more what are investigators are saying so we are able to adapt the lessons to their needs, so we are definitely feeling the spirit so strongly when we teach. Our teach Irma Kikutchi said that is week we had the best lessons, and she felt the spirit so strongly when we were teaching! So its good to hear we are improving :)

Some new Brazilians just moved in to the MTC this week, as well as some new North Americans. There is one Brazilian who is like 6,6 and 200 plus pounds who is an MMA fighter and a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu ! I WAS LIKE TEACH ME!!! Its so funny how I am making so many Brazilian friends even though I don't have that big of a vocabulary :) They are all extremely nice and helpful.

Yesterday was pretty sad, Elder Perez my best friend here in the MTC is leaving, and he left today. Last night we all took a ton of pictures and hugged and said goodbye. It was so funny we were taking group photos and Elder Johnson had some hot chocolate, then all of a sudden Elder J. Perieia came barging in and spilled hot chocolate all over Elder Geislers back and all over my sleeve! HAHAHA I was laughing so much!!!

I hope you got the pictures I sent last week, I will send more today! The pictures are my view from the plane, my district together, Elder Perez (ps, the thing on his head mom is a garbage bag wig, he does hilarious impersonations of elvis presley, MJ, and does entire scenes from StarWars hahaha!) , I think I sent some of my room, and a few of me and Elder Ballam. I hope you loved them :)

Its crazy to thing that I have been here for a whole month! We are pretty old guys around here hahaha. It was really fun yesterday one of the new Elders came up to me and was like dude how old are you...and I said 19, July 6th. He was like wow I am older then you but you look so old. Its funny how those who have served longer look so much older and more experienced...we change personality wise and become more mature but at the same time we look more mature to :). only 5 more weeks until I am out in the field!

Emily Hatch, Thank you so much for the amazing packages! I absolutely loved loved loved it! All the elders in my district were so angry cause i got 3 packages hahaha. I love the cards and thank you for the stickers envelops, pencils and everything I loved it!

Thank you everyone for the wonderful letters, I am trying to write everyone back but its really hard when we don't have that much time to write.

Sister Richardson thank you so much for the amazing letters, I loved them and will try to send one this week! I miss you and your amazing lessons.

 I hope the ward is doing well and that all the youth are having a great time. I miss seeing them every Sunday.

Elder Tyler Hatch

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  1. Awesome! He is doing so well and Cyd, you are an awesome sister!!