Wednesday, October 10, 2012


PDAY: P-day was awesome and we got to go to the temple which is always amazing.

After the temple it was the normal p-day activities. Shopping, buying snacks and relaxing. I got this really nice Brazil soccer jersey for 30 reals! #9 Ronaldo! All the Brazilians say that he was so good so I think I made a good choice :) hahaha. Later that night we had a devotional. Are branch president spoke and talked about how are sons and daughters of our heavenly father and that we are Gods in training basically. He continued saying that we were all per-ordained to do missionary work in the area we were called and that we planned who we would teach and bring into the gospel. This made me feel really good and excited to get out and serve in the field because I know God will guide me to those that only I can touch!
On Thursday we had to go to the federal police stations to check in our visas basically. It was pretty boring until I found some Elders who were serving in Interlagos for over a year!!! THEY TOLD ME AMAZING THINGS!!! They told me the church and the work in our mission was taking off and that everyone is pretty receptive! They said that most of the mission is Favelas (slums) but that doesn't scare me at all, it actually made me more excited. I know that God will guide me and protect me, and that the people will be ready and humble for the message we have. BUT THE BEST PART WAS, that they have a mission goal for over 1000 baptisms by December! how crazy is that!?!?!?!
So after that I was so excited to get out into the field!
We have new room mates as of this week! Two new Brazilian arrived into the MTC and they are rooming with me and Elder Pinkston! Elder Silva and Elder Periera. They are super nice and very helpful with Portuguese! Elder P knows a little English so we can teach each other words. They help us with Portuguese and we help them with English!
General conference was amazing! I loved all the talks and I don't think there was one bad one! I watched all the sessions and took really good notes. My favorite was definitely Elder Hollands! He was AMAZING!!!
After conference we had a little testimony meeting and we definitely felt the spirit so strong! I love being here! I love Brazil! I love the people! I was meant to be here!
I love and miss you so much! I hope dad is doing okay with work. I sent you a letter last week so you should get it soon. WHAT YOU SOLD MY JETTA!!!! NOOOOO hahahaha jk its fine! Sorry I don't have more time to write and tell you things, just send me a letter with all the news cause I hardly have time to read emails. LOVE YOU AND DAD SO MUCH! I miss everyone! tell the ward that I love them and I hope they are all doing well!
LOVE Elder Hatch

The Crew
The City Sao Paulo
Brazil From Above
Meeting Everyone in Georgia

My Bed

My Closet

My Room
Me in the Brazil Airport! I am here!


  1. So cool Elder Hatch! Sounds like you're doing well! So proud of you! We miss you and love you!! Keep up the good work. Love, bro and sis Caswell. Xoxo <3

  2. That is so fun to see pictures of Elder Ballam and Elder Hatch together. So proud of where you are and the choices you made to get there! We're praying for you! Randy and Nancy