Saturday, October 6, 2012


This last week was kinda uneventful but still had some very good parts :)
Last week P-Day was amazing! 
Me and my companion walked around and checked out all the stores near the MTC. There is this cookie place right across the street, sorry mom and brother Hart, but they are seriously the best cookies I have ever tasted in my entire life!!! Definitely getting another today hahaha! After P-day was over we had an awesome devotional, we got to watch Neil Anderson speak about missionary work! My favorite part was a quote that says "When you do your very best, God will do that rest!' I love it! And it has been my motto this last week! He also said to pray for impressions, so I did and right after I finished my prayer I got one! How crazy huh. I had a thought that said you need to write letters for everyone in your district! So me and Elder Pinkston wrote 12 letters a piece! WE did it because some of the missionaries haven't received any letters and some are having a rough time with the language and are starting to crack, so we wrote a heart felt letter for each person with a little inspirational quote that would pick them up and help them keep working no matter what happens. It was fun seeing them wonder who wrote all the letters cause we did it anonymously, so they were like is it the teachers? is it another branch? It was so great seeing their smiling faces as they read the letters! It made is so worth while and I hope it helped them.
My friend Andrew Beaty showed up this week!!! I got up at lunch and gave him a huge hug and talked to him and caught up on things. I gave him a few tips on the MTC and its fun seeing him around!
That is really sad sister Beckstead passed away...I seriously cried that night when I found out. But I know she is in a better place now! I hope I make her proud an I hope she will watch over me ;)
Sunday was great as always!!! I read my patriarchal blessing because I was a little down and it helped me so much! I know God has so much in store for me and that he will help me so much to make those things possible as long as I live righteously! WHICH I HAVE!!! I cant wait to become what he sees me being!
Today is P-DAY! We went to the temple and I had a really amazing experience. We were the last ones in line and a worker comes up and asked for some elders to do initiatories which never happens! So I had a feeling that I needed to do it. So me and Elder pinkston did! They asked to write are names down, and then they handed us the list of names we were going to do work for. The first one was George Hatch, 1880, NC. I started crying. I was probably going to be doing the work for one of my ancestors. It was such an amazing tender mercy of the Lord and my testimony is so much stronger because I know the Lord knows me and Loves me. NO WAY THAT IT WAS COINCIDENCE!!! A Hatch in Brazil. I am so blessed...and I feel the spirit constantly and I love it,
I love you and miss you so much! I pray for you guys every night and I hope all is well (TUDO BEM!) I hope work isn't to difficult for dad, and I hope your loving your new job mom. Love and miss you
Elder Hatch

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