Tuesday, June 24, 2014



Sounds like life back home is well! 

My shoes are there in the states! But I need them here haha! Justing kidding, the Doc Martins are holding up and I think they will last until the end of the mission, they seem to be really strong!

I am liking the ward a ton, the members that live here are really well off and successful people in Brazil, so I am asking everyone what they do as a job and asking for advice about how to have success. I have recieved a good idea while here on the mission, maybe I can enter into diplomacy and enter into the consulate here in Brazil! That would be awesome! So maybe I can check that out when I get back, or study business and enter into that! I am getting a ton of good ideas and seeing all these really nice houses is inspiring me to work really hard so that one day I can by a house like that for my family and for you and pops to live in with us :)

That is a bummer about Cyd not getting into The Voice, I was praying that she could get in! It would have been so awesome to see her singing on TV but she is still amazing at singing… they just don't realize her greatness :)

All in all, life is good here! I am happy, I like my compaion a lot, the ward is helping a good amount, they are really rich so it's hard to get them to go into the poorer areas, but we are getting them to come out with us! So all is well here! The work is progressing and the zone is going really well! We had five baptisms this weekend and we are hoping for five more this weekend :) WOOHO!

I love you all…Miss you guys and cant wait to be back with the family!

Love, Elder Tyler Hatch

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