Tuesday, June 24, 2014


This week was really great, we worked a good amount and had some great success.

So this week we had plans to go to Sao Paulo for a special meeting with Elder Rusell M. Nelson and we were so excited for that devotional, because during my whole mission I have never been able to hear an apostle because they never visit or when they do something happens that stops the meeting. We were preparing for the trip and we got a phone call from the assistants saying that they reunion was cancelled and that everyone had to go home and stay in the house. We were pretty bummed out, but later we found out that there was a boycott in the police and the public transportation...so Elder Nelson said that we should all stay home until the riots stop. So me and Elder Perkes just stayed home all day and just worked out and read the scriptures...kinda of a bummer but whatever.

This week we also found a ton of new investigators, one being this amazing family. Their names are Allesandra, Laure, Isabelle, and Jellyson ha! Interesting name right :) but they are absolutely perfect…they don't frequent any church because they don't believe that a true church exists. They told us that all the church here in Brazil are business. So we taught them about the restoration and about how God called a new prophet in our days and it seemed like the message really struck home with them. We gave them the Book of Mormon and invited them to read and pray to ask God that it was true and they all accepted  and we marked a baptismal date with them in three weeks! So the heavens are open and God is really helping us find the people who are ready.

Also another miracle happened this week. Last week I was praying on Sunday that some kind of miracle would happen, and something awesome happened… A member of the other ward brought a friend that lives in our area, and the friend is extremely interested in the church! So she went this week again but this time in our ward and she loved the lesson we gave in gospel principles (because we are the teachers haha) about the restoration of the gospel! After the lesson she came up to me and Elder Perkes with her daughter and said WHEN ARE YOU GUYS COMING TO VISIT US! haha so we marked a day with them and we are going to start teaching them. I am pretty sure she will be baptized quickly! They are really elect daughters of God.

So this week was great, all of the recent converts are really firm in the faith! Marlene is helping us a ton to find new investigators! She introduced us to a friend of hers who just lost his wife a few months ago...so we sat down with him and explained the plan of salvation and how him and his wife could be together forever and it really hit home with him...the next day we visited he told us that his heart was at peace. The work of salvation is going really well here!

I love this ward so much! Gospel Principles his filled to the brim, we have about 15 people in the class :) so we are happy campers here. The ward loves us so much and are so impressed with the work that is happening here, and the leadership is happy with us! They want to help more, so its a work in progress! The stake president came up to me this week and reminded me that I have to give a talk at stake conference so that will be awesome I have already prepared a ton for it :)

But all in all life is good here, I have gotten a little cold because of the change of the weather but its all good we are still working a ton. Elder Perkes is great and I am hoping that we dont get transfered...because we will find out today. So we shall see if I will be in a new area this next week or if I will be here still :)
Elder Hatch

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