Monday, May 12, 2014


This week was fantastic! We had a ton of miracles happening!

So this week our teaching group was huge! We have a ton of people progressing and accepting the lessons so we are falling behind in finding new people to teach, but hey it's not a bad problem to have a lot of people to teach haha.
So are days are filled with appointments! The work is really progressing here! 
It was funny we were blessed by the Lord to find a new elect people to teach! Here is a fun story:
 We were walking down the street and we had to buy a bus pass to get to another area to do a baptismal interview and we were running late a little. Then out of no where this guy pulls up next to us in a car and is like ELDERS!!!!!!So we start talking to him and he is a life long friend of a member, and he lives in our area. We talked to him a little bit, then asked if we could pass by his house to share a message with him and he asked if we were busy at the moment. We said we are going to Laranjeiras to do an interview! He told us to jump in and he  would give us a ride! SCORE! So we jumped in passed by the chapel to pick up the papers for the interviews then we drove to Laranjeiras to meet the other Elders! The whole drive we were teaching this man about the gospel and he was really interested about how families could be together for ever. We taught about the Doctrine of baptism and he loved the teachings! We invited him to conference and by that time we met up with the other Elders. His name is André! And he enjoyed  conference this weekend! We are going to teach him this saturday and maybe mark a baptismal date for the 29th! WOHOO the Lord is helping us a lot here in progresso!
Conference was absolutely amazing! This time I decided to watch all of it in português and I understood about 90%! It was pretty awesome! I loved all the talks,especially Elder Holland and Richard G. Scott. They were really great! We were able to take about eight investigators to conference with us which was amazing!!!! They all felt the spirit and enjoyed the meeting. Marlene and her Family came, André, Auzira and many others! We had a cool experience: 
We were watching conference in the first session and Auzira looked at me and Elder Goms and she was crying. She said, "Elders…I am going to get baptized!" She was touched by the spirit! We just need to help her adjust a few lifestyle changes to give her the blessings of the gospel and we are set!
This weekend was amazing! I am happy and loving the work! The Lord really does bless and help those that put their confidence in Him!
 I hope you are all happy and loving life! Make everyday count, and use your time with the things of the most value! I love the work of Salvation.  I am honored and happy to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord for these last months! It will be sad to come back, and not be a missionary… because I have been deeply touched by God and these amazing people.

I cant wait to be with you all again! Love you all so much!
Elder Tyler Hatch

             Here is a picture of our area missionaries. 

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