Sunday, June 9, 2013


This week was really good! We had a baptism this week of Cleiton and Cleison!!! It was a really good service and they had a lot of their friends and family watch so we had lots of investigators there!!! The mom and father are really wanting to get baptized too, but they need to get married first, so it will take a little more time for them to get prepared! But it will happen this month!!!

But besides that, this transfer is coming to an end! Elder DeSousa was transferred and we were both really bummed...because we have been such great friends! But we have made plans to meet up here in Brasil at his house then come to Sao Paulo together to visit all our friends and people we have baptized!!! He has been one of my best friends here on my mission and I will miss him so much...But I will see him again for sure :)

Everything is good now with health, we bought a water filter and now we are healthy and happy! The food is good here, its the same things, chicken rice and beans.

For my birthday I don't really know what I want. Send unodon't know,  small things that I can do during p day. And send snacks :))))

I bought myself a birthday gift this week A GIANT BELT BUCKLE!!! ITS SICK! 

That is crazy Frank has left and that Peter has his mission call in Brazil! He will love it there! Its in the south so it will be a lot cooler :). Tell him, FICA ANIMADO PARA BRASIL!!!! I am excited to hear about them and tell them I am excited for them.

I have to go but that is all for now,

Elder Hatch

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