Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Well not a lot happened this week. This week the whole district was a little off...It's was our 7th week (now I'm on my 8th) and everyone is really tired and losing focus, but this week we are back on track! 
SO I WAS SO HAPPY LAST TUESDAY! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! THANK YOU FOR THE AMAZING COOKIES you sent after that our district Halloween pizza party :) Such a great day! Later that night we had an amazing devotional by president Degn. He talked about how the MTC was blessed with Apostolic keys and was consecrated and sanctified, just like a temple. You and mom should read the blessing of the MTC here in Brazil, it was seriously amazing and I am not the only one who receives blessings from being here but so does the whole family :) Read it its amazing!
One of the sisters in our district had a birthday this week, so I made a ton of decorations for her! She was so happy :) It made the whole mornings work of cutting and coloring so worth it :) I love having the spirit with me because it inspires me to do great things like that, I was able to make her happy during her birthday when it was possible she was a little down and home sick.
This week our favorite teacher Irmao Maurico is leaving which is a bummer :( He is that reason why we have been learning the language so fast! From day one he has spoken Portuguese to us, and he has become such an amazing friend to all of us. We are going to miss him so much and also his hilarious sayings and mannerisms hahaha. We got him a little card and a picture signed by all of us. Its sad to see him go but he wants to start his life which I cant blame him :). I was thinking maybe after my mission I could work down here in the MTC! THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME!!!! But we will see.
Besides that not much happened. We had mission conference and we heard so amazing talks, but that's about it. Today we went to the temple and I brought my patriarchal blessing with me...holy cow what an amazing idea. You should seriously try it! I felt the spirit so strongly and it helped my with a couple questions I have been having. It also encouraged me and strengthens my resolve. So next time you go to the temple. Bring it and just sit in the Celestial room for 30 min and just read and ponder...its amazing.
I love you guys and miss you so much! I will send some pictures later today :)
Elder Tyler Thomas Hatch

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  1. I'm so glad he had such a great teacher, but I bet that will be hard to replace him. Love that he was so kind to that sister missionary! What a great idea about reading your patriarchal blessing at the temple...wonder if they let you just go to the celestial room. They didn't really in Seattle, but might be worth a try!