Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Well lets see what happened this week...
Not much happens on normals days mostly just classes and eating and more classes and sleeping so most of what happens is on PDAY or Sunday!

Last pday we had an amazing opportunity! The speaker for the devotional never showed up because of some reason they didn't tell us, so President Degn got up and said that we were going to have a testimony meeting! I got up right away and shared my testimony it felt so amazing! What was even more amazing was that even though 75% of the testimony's were in Portuguese, you could still feel the spirit so strongly in the auditorium! It was amazing!

This week I was a little discouraged at the beginning but I had a prompting to ask the Elders in my district to give me a blessing of comfort. So we did just that, I asked my good friend Elder Geisler to give it and it was amazing! The whole blessing was exactly what I needed to hear from the Lord and from my friend. What a testimony of the power of God and how well he knows us, he knew that I need that blessing for that reason, and he told my friend exactly what to say so that I could be comforted. After that blessing I have had the best week here at the MTC. I felt like I taught extremely well in all my lessons, I was able to speak Portuguese extremely well and that the investigators were able to understand me! This week I could finally see how much I have improved from week one. I can now give 40-50 min long lessons in Portuguese when I use to be scared to just speak it! It really is a miracle! And I know that 100% of it has been God helping me! This week we also did a compliment circle! That was an idea inspired by God, Everyone was so uplifted by all the compliments from the district. Basically one companionship a day sat in the middle of the room and everyone would compliment them... then the next day would be a different companionship. WOW, the spirit was so strong and everyone could feel the love for each other so much! I know that as a district we are so much closer together now!

Today has been an amazing PDAY. My friend Elder Bustos has left and it's kinda sad to see him go but he will do great things. Last night he saw my BYU rugby shirt and said I LOVE THAT SHIRT I don't have a BYU shirt but I have always wanted one. He is from Chile and he has been one of my amazing friends here so last night before he left I wrote him a letter and gave him my shirt, he cried and said no its your favorite shirt, and I said you deserve it and your one of my best friends I don't know who else deserves it more. Even though I was sad to part with it, he was really touched and it sent him off with a feeling of love on his mission. I can always get another shirt, but I cant always have experiences like I felt then.

This PDAY was great, we went to the temple and it was awesome! I LOVE going to the temple and I am so happy that I get to go every week! Hopefully i can continue going when i go to interlagos! But today we got to do confirmations! So me and 3 elders from my district did 150 NAMES! THAT'S A WHOLE BRANCH! It was an amazing feeling and I love it

Brazil is great, I feel great! I am happy and all is well, I love my district and I cant wait to go out and serve the people

love and miss you guys so much!
EU AMO VOCES! Elder Hatch

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  1. YAY ! He looks so good and I am glad he is doing so well!