Wednesday, November 14, 2012


FINAL WEEK! This week has been full of adventure! Mostly on Monday!
Yesterday we were able to leave the MTC and go try street contacts! We left with a district goal of 30 Livro de Mormons and we all headed out full of excitement to share the gospel! It was raining like crazy though, and me and Elder Pinkston walked around for about 30-45 min without talking to anyone. I then said to myself okay if I have to start the conversation then I will do it. We won't get anywhere if we don't talk to anyone. So I walked up to a man standing under a store overhang and started talking to him about the gospel. We asked if he had a Book of Mormon but he said he had one. I challenged him to continue reading and bore my testimony that it was true and that it can give us so many blessings  and help us when we have difficult times. He seemed touched and said I will. We continued walking and stopped at this house where another man was standing outside. We talked to him and gave him a Book of but he was Catholic! So funny he was trying to give it back but we played the I don't understand card and said it was a present so he kept it hahaha.
This one was the most amazing though...we were kind of discouraged but I said I know that Heavenly Father will bless us if we kept trying. So I had a feeling we should go down this one road. And while we were walking Elder Pinkston said we should talk to them. We walked over and talked to these two construction workers. They said that they knew a little bit about the church but not a lot, one had a friend who worked in the MTC. SO, we talked to them about how they were sons of God and that God loved them. We handed them a livro de mormon and explained it, telling them that it contained the full gospel of Christ. They seemed really excited and eager to read it. After I turned around and a guy came up to me and read my name tag and asked me if I was from Salt lake. I laughed and said no I was from Virginia. He said oh Virginia very nice. We talked about Salt lake and he told me he had visited a family member up there. I asked if he had seen the temple and he said yes it was beautiful. I asked if he knew a lot about the church and he said no, so I explained how we are all children of our Heavenly Father and that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored on the earth. I explained the first vision and handed him a book of Mormon and explained it! He was so excited and asked a few questions. He said goodbye and while he was walking away he was reading it! 3 Book of Mormons  in 10 minutes...what an amazing experience.
I love being a missionary and sharing the joy I have gained for the gospel!
Sorry I don't have more time to write but I wanted to share my week with you
Love and miss you so much momma.
Love your boy,
Elder Tyler Hatch

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